Breaking into the production industry may seem like a daunting task, but for Kiara Kii Brown, senior photo producer at Bustle Digital Group, it was a journey filled with passion and determination.

Starting as a receptionist at Root Studios, she worked her way up to the role of a senior photo producer. Kiara’s journey is filled with experiences that offer valuable insights into the dynamic world of photography and production.

Transition into Production

In our conversation, Kiara shares her transition into production, highlighting the stark contrast between editorial and branded productions. The journey wasn’t always smooth, but her consistent efforts, effective communication, and ability to build strong relationships played a crucial role, especially when budgets were tight.

When explaining the differences between editorial and branded productions, Kiara emphasizes the importance of building strong relationships in the industry to lean on when budgets are tight. According to her, one must be comfortable with negotiation and should approach collaborations with a mindset of mutual benefit rather than trying to get the upper hand.

Specialization and Creative Control

In this conversation, Kiara dives deep into the nuances of creative execution, discussing the significance of specialization and the advantage of having celebrity experience for photographers. She underlines the importance of knowing your craft and perfecting it.

According to Kiara, photographers need to be consistent in their work. They should know what they are good at and focus on perfecting that particular style. She also highlights the importance of creative control in photography and production, especially when working with celebrities.

Challenges and Solutions in Production Work

In her journey, Kiara faced many professional challenges, including unpredictable weather conditions and budget-constrained creative visions. She discusses the importance of being prepared for any situation and having the ability to think on their feet.

Production Career Paths and Work-Life Balance

In the final segment of the conversation, Kiara emphasizes the importance of work-life balance and the need for setting boundaries. She suggests that while it is important to be dedicated to your work, one should also take time for oneself. She highlights the importance of honing one’s craft as a photographer and shares her thoughts on how to get noticed in the production industry. 

According to Kiara, the quality of your work is what will make you stand out, not your marketing efforts. This insightful conversation with Kiara Kii Brown offers valuable lessons for those aspiring to make a mark in the production industry.

To learn more about Kiara’s experiences and her insights into the production industry, listen to the full podcast episode. Her journey serves as a roadmap for others looking to navigate the complex world of content.

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