In the fascinating world of post-production, Lauren Hertzberg stands out as a trailblazer leading Cut and Run, a prominent post-production company.

In a recent podcast episode, Lauren candidly shares her career journey, her approach to post-production, and valuable advice for those eager to venture into this creative landscape.

Lauren’s journey into post-production began rather unexpectedly when she realized that her academic pursuits weren’t aligned with her career aspirations. After dabbling in various jobs, Lauren found herself working at her father’s production company where she taught herself the intricacies.

Upon moving to Chicago, Lauren found her footing in the post-production world, starting as a receptionist at a post-house. It was there that she learned the importance of growth from within and the power of mentorship. Her journey exemplifies the value of trusting the process, even when it involves taking a few steps back to propel forward.

At Cut and Run, Lauren fosters a transparent, team-oriented culture that values every team member’s contributions. The complex and dynamic nature of post-production allows creativity to thrive. Lauren stresses the importance of establishing strong relationships with clients and making them feel comfortable throughout the project journey.

As a seasoned professional, Lauren shares valuable insights on building a post-production team and hiring editors. The process involves strategic considerations, such as building a compelling reel and establishing strong client relationships.

For those aspiring to make a mark, Lauren emphasizes the importance of understanding various roles within the company while maximizing resources and managing project timelines. Her journey serves as a testament that the road to success in the post-production world is not linear but filled with lessons, growth, and exciting opportunities.

Lauren Hertzberg’s story is not just about an unexpected career transition. It is about finding one’s passion, trusting the process, and building a successful career from scratch. Her insights serve as valuable nuggets of wisdom for anyone navigating their way in the post-production world.

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