If there is a force to be reckoned with in the animation industry, it is Taylor K Shaw, the founder and CEO of BWA Studios. With her unwavering commitment to amplifying black creativity and breaking glass ceilings, Taylor is undoubtedly redefining the animation industry.

Taylor K Shaw and Tahira White for the Okay Copy Podcast by Wercflow

In a recent podcast episode, Taylor took listeners on a fascinating journey, revealing how her post-college aspiration of becoming a talk show host evolved into building a collective of talented animators, designers, and creators.

The Path to BWA Studios

In the podcast, Taylor shared the genesis of her company, BWA Studios, an acronym for Black Women Anime. Recognizing the lack of diversity in leadership positions in the entertainment and advertising industry, Taylor decided to fill this gap. She highlighted the challenges she faced in building her team and launching her company. One key challenge was finding black animators and creatives – a hurdle that led to the birth of BWA Studios.

Disrupting the Animation Industry

Taylor delved into the differences between live action and animation, pointing out crucial stop points to avoid a budget explosion. 

She recounted the company’s journey, particularly a project with Hulu called Monuments, which honored influential women like Coretta Scott King, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas. This project demanded a unique creative style and required the BWA team to scale up their operations.

A Multi-Hyphenate in the Entertainment Industry

One of Taylor’s core messages in the podcast was the importance of being a multi-hyphenate in the entertainment industry. She believes in bringing all of oneself to a space and not putting different parts of oneself into a box. This belief, she noted, is fundamental in creating a space that encourages innovation and creativity.

In this vein, Taylor emphasized the importance of being a multi-disciplinary team member and the value of versatile individuals. She encouraged listeners to express their ideas and not be put in a box.

Looking Ahead

As Taylor continues to push boundaries in the industry, she remains committed to building a sustainable pipeline of diverse talent. 

Her advice to those starting out in the industry is clear: it’s okay to be a multi-hyphenate. Don’t try to put different parts of yourself into a box because that makes you a better team member.

This enlightening conversation with Taylor K Shaw underscores the power of embracing a multi-hyphenate skillset and challenging the status quo. It’s a testament to Taylor’s pioneering spirit and the innovative vision of BWA Studios.

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