Cinematic Storytelling with Ray Smiling

Tahira White & Ray Smiling discuss : the cycle of creation & destruction

Tahira White, President of 19th & Park and Wercflow talks cinematic storytelling with Ray Smiling, award wining Director
Tahira White, President of 19th & Park and Wercflow, Ray Smiling, award wining Director

Find this episode on cinematic storytelling and more on our Okay Copy Podcast. There we explore the journeys of inspiring creative minds like Ray Smiling. Available now on Apple, Spotify and Youtube.

Are you ready to step into the creative universe of Ray Smiling?

In the latest episode of Okay Copy, we delve into Smiling’s artistic voyage. Ultimately, it provides an account of his directorial odyssey in cinematic storytelling.

The world knows Ray Smiling as an acclaimed director but few are aware of his journey. Smiling’s innovative abilities were put to the test as he navigated his way from being a creative director at top agencies to the shortlist in the cinematic storytelling world. His story is a testament to his determination, ingenuity, and his uncanny ability to stay ahead of ever-changing trends.

Smiling opens up about his directorial process and the projects that hold a special place in his heart.

He recounts the captivating stories behind his short film ‘Play this at my Funeral,’ an extraordinary narrative that captures the moment when a song turns personal. He also shares his journey of directing the Nike ‘mad and madder‘ commercials, a testament of his determination and passion. Watch below how this project came to fruition with his rise in the industry without formal education.

Smiling shares the intriguing tales of his short film ‘Play this at my Funeral,’ a powerful narrative where music becomes deeply personal. He also reveals his experience directing the Nike ‘Mad and Madder‘ commercials, showcasing determination and passion. Discover below the Nike project as it marked his industry ascent, remarkably achieved despite having no formal education.

Every creative journey is peppered with mistakes, and Smiling’s is no different.

He candidly shares an unforgettable incident during a subway shoot where he had to confront his oversight regarding the cacophony of the trains. This incident served as a poignant reminder on viewing mistakes as stepping stones to creative solutions.

The podcast episode also delves into the art of crafting creative solutions with scarce resources.

Undoubtedly, this conversation is a testament to the old adage, necessity is the mother of invention. From discussing his creative journey to his approach to overcoming mistakes and innovating solutions, Smiling’s story is packed with inspiration.

If you’re keen on harnessing your creative potential and elevating your directorial skills, don’t miss out on this episode of Okay Copy. Dive deep into Smiling’s remarkable journey, absorbing his valuable lessons and innovative approach to the creative process in cinematic story telling. And as you navigate your own path in the ever-evolving world of creativity, remember: every error is a stepping stone to groundbreaking ideas.

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Find this episode and more on our Okay Copy Podcast, where we explore the journeys of inspiring creative minds. Available now on Apple, Spotify and Youtube.

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