Tahira White, President of 19th & Park and Wercflow talks cinematic storytelling with Ray Smiling, award wining Director
Tahira White, President of 19th & Park and Wercflow, Ray Smiling, award wining Director

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Are you ready to step into the creative universe of Ray Smiling?

In the latest episode of Okay Copy, we delve into Smiling’s artistic voyage. Ultimately, it provides an account of his directorial odyssey in cinematic storytelling.

The world knows Ray Smiling as an acclaimed director but few are aware of his journey. Smiling’s innovative abilities were put to the test as he navigated his way from being a creative director at top agencies to the shortlist in the cinematic storytelling world. His story is a testament to his determination, ingenuity, and his uncanny ability to stay ahead of ever-changing trends.

Smiling opens up about his directorial process and the projects that hold a special place in his heart.

He recounts the captivating stories behind his short film ‘Play this at my Funeral,’ an extraordinary narrative that captures the moment when a song turns personal. He also shares his journey of directing the Nike ‘mad and madder‘ commercials, a testament of his determination and passion. Watch below how this project came to fruition with his rise in the industry without formal education.

Smiling shares the intriguing tales of his short film ‘Play this at my Funeral,’ a powerful narrative where music becomes deeply personal. He also reveals his experience directing the Nike ‘Mad and Madder‘ commercials, showcasing determination and passion. Discover below the Nike project as it marked his industry ascent, remarkably achieved despite having no formal education.

Every creative journey is peppered with mistakes, and Smiling’s is no different.

He candidly shares an unforgettable incident during a subway shoot where he had to confront his oversight regarding the cacophony of the trains. This incident served as a poignant reminder on viewing mistakes as stepping stones to creative solutions.

The podcast episode also delves into the art of crafting creative solutions with scarce resources.

Undoubtedly, this conversation is a testament to the old adage, necessity is the mother of invention. From discussing his creative journey to his approach to overcoming mistakes and innovating solutions, Smiling’s story is packed with inspiration.

If you’re keen on harnessing your creative potential and elevating your directorial skills, don’t miss out on this episode of Okay Copy. Dive deep into Smiling’s remarkable journey, absorbing his valuable lessons and innovative approach to the creative process in cinematic story telling. And as you navigate your own path in the ever-evolving world of creativity, remember: every error is a stepping stone to groundbreaking ideas.

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Find this episode and more on our Okay Copy Podcast, where we explore the journeys of inspiring creative minds. Available now on Apple, Spotify and Youtube.

We were thrilled to welcome David Weinstein, a titan in the world of production, to share his journey and insights. 

David Weinstein and Tahira White discuss Mastering The Craft of Production Leadership  on Wercflow's Okay Copy podcast.

Find this episode and more on our Okay Copy Podcast, where we explore the journeys of inspiring creative minds. Available now on Apple, Spotify and Youtube.

From Chasing Celebrities to Heading Up Production

David’s foray into the production world was anything but conventional. From chasing down John McEnroe at the French Open to heading up production at Complex, David’s journey is as inspiring as it is fascinating. His anecdotes from the field and tales of his journey will have you hooked, while his valuable insights are sure to enrich your understanding of the production industry. 

The Sports to Production Transition 

A significant turning point in David’s career came post-9/11 when he decided to transition from sports to branded content and advertising. He reminisced about his time at CNBC and the experience of running his own production company. A significant part of the discussion revolved around the rise of digital video, the impact of non-union work, and his foray into the agency world before settling down at Complex. 

The Art of Production Leadership 

David’s approach to production leadership is a masterclass in organization, proactive planning, and transparency. His philosophy revolves around setting up his team for success, and his advice for emerging directors and producers in the industry is priceless. His insights into the complexities of production and how to navigate them will prove invaluable.

Key Principles for Successful Production Leadership

Transparency, proactivity, and organization are key principles David Weinstein stressed for your success as a production leader. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of innovation, empathy towards colleagues, and holding oneself accountable. 

Immerse yourself in David Weinstein’s riveting narrative and expert insights in this episode, a true gem for anyone passionate about mastering the art of production. His journey underscores the endless possibilities and lessons in the production industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to enrich your understanding and skills – listen now for a blend of inspiration and practical wisdom.

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Find this episode and more on our Okay Copy Podcast

Available now on Apple, Spotify and Youtube.

Sandrine Charles, co-founder of Sandrine Charles Consulting SCC and the Black In Fashion Council, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of fashion and entrepreneurship. A recent episode of our podcast series delved into her journey from being a pre-law student to becoming a communications expert, entrepreneur and master at building relationships in fashion. 

Sandrine Charles & Tahira White for the Okay Copy Podcast by Wercflow

Sandrine’s unique perspective on building relationships over transactional work and her invaluable advice on navigating the industry is a beacon of inspiration for budding and established professionals. The conversation explores the making of a fashion titan and provides insights on her unwavering grit and determination, including how she founded her company amidst a recession.

Starting Sandrine Charles Consulting 

Sandrine Charles Consulting (SCC) specializes in full-service communications, events, activations, influencer engagement, and partnerships. However, Sandrine’s path to success wasn’t straightforward. She transitioned from being a pre-law student to a communications expert after being introduced to the field by her godmother. After being laid off unexpectedly, she started her company SCC, highlighting the importance of adaptability in the face of challenges. 

Challenges in Entrepreneurship and Work-Life Balance 

The episode takes a candid look at the realities of entrepreneurship. Sandrine emphasizes the importance of a sturdy back-of-the-house structure and discusses the challenges of maintaining a work-life balance. She also provides insights into the entertainment industry’s harsh realities, including the exploitation of talent.

Sandrine’s invaluable advice centers on building successful industry relationships, asserting professional demands, and trusting your team. She shares insights into navigating industry complexities and developing the right skill set to excel in your field. 

Building Relationships and Finding Industry Success 

Sandrine believes in the power of building strong relationships with clients. She stresses the importance of connecting with clients on a personal level, rather than viewing the relationship as purely transactional. 

Sandrine also shares her experiences of dealing with the red tape when working with clients. She emphasizes the need to stand firm on what you’re asking for, and trusting the people you work with. 

A Fresh Perspective 

This enlightening discussion with Sandrine Charles offers a fresh perspective on navigating the world of fashion and entrepreneurship. Her journey serves as a valuable resource for anyone looking to break into the industry or expand their career. 

Sandrine’s unique approach to business, marked by her tenacity and determination, stands as a powerful testament to her success. Her journey underscores a vital lesson: true success in the industry is not just about achieving personal goals, but also hinges on how we build and maintain relationships. Just like Sandrine, professionals in the creative and production fields thrive on strong networks and collaborations.

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Find this episode and more on our Okay Copy Podcast

Available now on Apple, Spotify and Youtube.

If there is a force to be reckoned with in the animation industry, it is Taylor K Shaw, the founder and CEO of BWA Studios. With her unwavering commitment to amplifying black creativity and breaking glass ceilings, Taylor is undoubtedly redefining the animation industry.

Taylor K Shaw and Tahira White for the Okay Copy Podcast by Wercflow

In a recent podcast episode, Taylor took listeners on a fascinating journey, revealing how her post-college aspiration of becoming a talk show host evolved into building a collective of talented animators, designers, and creators.

The Path to BWA Studios

In the podcast, Taylor shared the genesis of her company, BWA Studios, an acronym for Black Women Anime. Recognizing the lack of diversity in leadership positions in the entertainment and advertising industry, Taylor decided to fill this gap. She highlighted the challenges she faced in building her team and launching her company. One key challenge was finding black animators and creatives – a hurdle that led to the birth of BWA Studios.

Disrupting the Animation Industry

Taylor delved into the differences between live action and animation, pointing out crucial stop points to avoid a budget explosion. 

She recounted the company’s journey, particularly a project with Hulu called Monuments, which honored influential women like Coretta Scott King, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas. This project demanded a unique creative style and required the BWA team to scale up their operations.

A Multi-Hyphenate in the Entertainment Industry

One of Taylor’s core messages in the podcast was the importance of being a multi-hyphenate in the entertainment industry. She believes in bringing all of oneself to a space and not putting different parts of oneself into a box. This belief, she noted, is fundamental in creating a space that encourages innovation and creativity.

In this vein, Taylor emphasized the importance of being a multi-disciplinary team member and the value of versatile individuals. She encouraged listeners to express their ideas and not be put in a box.

Looking Ahead

As Taylor continues to push boundaries in the industry, she remains committed to building a sustainable pipeline of diverse talent. 

Her advice to those starting out in the industry is clear: it’s okay to be a multi-hyphenate. Don’t try to put different parts of yourself into a box because that makes you a better team member.

This enlightening conversation with Taylor K Shaw underscores the power of embracing a multi-hyphenate skillset and challenging the status quo. It’s a testament to Taylor’s pioneering spirit and the innovative vision of BWA Studios.

Find this episode and more on our Okay Copy Podcast, where we explore the journeys of inspiring creative minds. Available now on Apple, Spotify and Youtube.

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In the fascinating world of post-production, Lauren Hertzberg stands out as a trailblazer leading Cut and Run, a prominent post-production company.

In a recent podcast episode, Lauren candidly shares her career journey, her approach to post-production, and valuable advice for those eager to venture into this creative landscape.

Lauren’s journey into post-production began rather unexpectedly when she realized that her academic pursuits weren’t aligned with her career aspirations. After dabbling in various jobs, Lauren found herself working at her father’s production company where she taught herself the intricacies.

Upon moving to Chicago, Lauren found her footing in the post-production world, starting as a receptionist at a post-house. It was there that she learned the importance of growth from within and the power of mentorship. Her journey exemplifies the value of trusting the process, even when it involves taking a few steps back to propel forward.

At Cut and Run, Lauren fosters a transparent, team-oriented culture that values every team member’s contributions. The complex and dynamic nature of post-production allows creativity to thrive. Lauren stresses the importance of establishing strong relationships with clients and making them feel comfortable throughout the project journey.

As a seasoned professional, Lauren shares valuable insights on building a post-production team and hiring editors. The process involves strategic considerations, such as building a compelling reel and establishing strong client relationships.

For those aspiring to make a mark, Lauren emphasizes the importance of understanding various roles within the company while maximizing resources and managing project timelines. Her journey serves as a testament that the road to success in the post-production world is not linear but filled with lessons, growth, and exciting opportunities.

Lauren Hertzberg’s story is not just about an unexpected career transition. It is about finding one’s passion, trusting the process, and building a successful career from scratch. Her insights serve as valuable nuggets of wisdom for anyone navigating their way in the post-production world.

Find this episode and more on our Okay Copy Podcast, where we explore the journeys of inspiring creative minds. Available now on Apple, Spotify and Youtube.

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Breaking into the production industry may seem like a daunting task, but for Kiara Kii Brown, senior photo producer at Bustle Digital Group, it was a journey filled with passion and determination.

Starting as a receptionist at Root Studios, she worked her way up to the role of a senior photo producer. Kiara’s journey is filled with experiences that offer valuable insights into the dynamic world of photography and production.

Transition into Production

In our conversation, Kiara shares her transition into production, highlighting the stark contrast between editorial and branded productions. The journey wasn’t always smooth, but her consistent efforts, effective communication, and ability to build strong relationships played a crucial role, especially when budgets were tight.

When explaining the differences between editorial and branded productions, Kiara emphasizes the importance of building strong relationships in the industry to lean on when budgets are tight. According to her, one must be comfortable with negotiation and should approach collaborations with a mindset of mutual benefit rather than trying to get the upper hand.

Specialization and Creative Control

In this conversation, Kiara dives deep into the nuances of creative execution, discussing the significance of specialization and the advantage of having celebrity experience for photographers. She underlines the importance of knowing your craft and perfecting it.

According to Kiara, photographers need to be consistent in their work. They should know what they are good at and focus on perfecting that particular style. She also highlights the importance of creative control in photography and production, especially when working with celebrities.

Challenges and Solutions in Production Work

In her journey, Kiara faced many professional challenges, including unpredictable weather conditions and budget-constrained creative visions. She discusses the importance of being prepared for any situation and having the ability to think on their feet.

Production Career Paths and Work-Life Balance

In the final segment of the conversation, Kiara emphasizes the importance of work-life balance and the need for setting boundaries. She suggests that while it is important to be dedicated to your work, one should also take time for oneself. She highlights the importance of honing one’s craft as a photographer and shares her thoughts on how to get noticed in the production industry. 

According to Kiara, the quality of your work is what will make you stand out, not your marketing efforts. This insightful conversation with Kiara Kii Brown offers valuable lessons for those aspiring to make a mark in the production industry.

To learn more about Kiara’s experiences and her insights into the production industry, listen to the full podcast episode. Her journey serves as a roadmap for others looking to navigate the complex world of content.

Find this episode and more on our Okay Copy Podcast, where we explore the journeys of inspiring creative minds. Available now on Apple, Spotify and Youtube.

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Welcome to a fascinating behind-the-scenes journey into the world of film production. We recently had the pleasure of hosting the talented agency producer Chance Bassett on our podcast.

Chance’s in-depth understanding and insightful perspectives provided a rare glimpse into the roller-coaster ride that is commercial production. 

Chance’s Journey in Production

Bassett grew up in a family immersed in the arts. Her father was a documentary filmmaker and her mother a production assistant. This exposure to the world of production, combined with her experiences as a child actor, gave her a unique perspective on the process of creating a film. Her enthusiasm for the arts carried over into his education, where he studied drama and English, before eventually discovering her true passion – being a producer. 

A Producer’s Role in the Creative Process

In our conversation, Chance shared valuable insights into the intricate process of producing a film. She discussed her approach to dissecting scripts and creating budgets, as well as the importance of consuming media to inspire the creative process. Chance also highlighted the critical role that a producer plays in championing the project, managing clients, and finding solutions to unexpected problems.

The Power of Mentorship and Production Companies

According to Chance, the importance of mentorship and the role of production companies in the film industry cannot be overstated. She credits her success to the support and guidance she received from her mentors. She also spoke about the significance of having a good creative brief, strong communication skills, and the ability to sell the vision of the film.

Overcoming Challenges in Production Work

Our conversation also touched on some of the unique challenges of being a producer, from dealing with unexpected hurdles to managing celebrity schedules. Chance shared some of her own experiences, such as having to reshoot a commercial because a celebrity couldn’t make it due to an accident, and having to film a party scene with a limited number of people due to Covid-19 restrictions. Despite these challenges, Chance emphasizes the importance of being prepared, flexible, and maintaining a positive attitude.

Global Experiences and the Importance of Empathy

Chance’s global experiences in production work have underscored for her the importance of understanding different cultures and staying adaptable. She emphasized the necessity of empathy in managing production processes across different parts of the world. 

In conclusion, our conversation with Chance Bassett offered a captivating peek into the unseen realities of film production. From the meticulous process of bringing a film to life to the importance of mentorship and empathy, this episode unveiled the extraordinary effort and passion that lies beneath the glamour of filmmaking. Whether you’re a budding producer or a film enthusiast, these insights provide a deeper understanding of the cinematic world.

Find this episode and more on our Okay Copy Podcast, where we explore the journeys of inspiring creative minds. Available now on Apple, Spotify and Youtube.

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